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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How are switches sold and why are they sold in groups of 10?
    All switches are sold in lots of 10, this is for a few reasons. - To save on picking times and delays completeing orders in a timely manner. - This is mostly how the industry sells switches - Because we dont want to make the minimum amount of switch you buy to 70 at a time
  • Where is Apex Mechs located and where does my order ship from.
    Apex Mechs is located in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. All order will be shipped from Melbourne, we do not use any form of drop shipping.
  • What items are considered Large/Heavy and incur higher shipping rates.
    The following catergories are considered "large" to big for standard airbag, Keycaps Keyboards And following catergories are considered "heavy" to heavy for a standard airbag, Keyboards
  • Can I pick up items from Apex Mechs?
    Unfortunately picking up orders from Apex Mechs is not possible, all orders need to be shipped.
  • Where does Apex Mechs ship my order from?
    Apex Mechs ships all order from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Apex Mechs do not use any form of drop shipping for your order/s.
  • When is the ETA of an item that is currently out of stock?
    ETA's can often change due to lead times and delays, please use the contact form to find out ETA of a product.

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